What is Here?

Having known what you must know, now, start discovering things what you want to know. Feel free to take help of the links below. Each is expected to take up time of the order of a 100 hours.

Want to add to the above list?

It's true that the above resources belong exclusively to the field of engineering - that's because all who have worked on this site, are engineering students.

If you have some links or books or resources that you think should be on this page, let us know. Besides that the resource should take roughly 100 hours for completion, we would be looking forward to the following characteristics -

  • Gives a broad idea of what the field is, what sort of daily work that field involves, what sort of cutting edge works goes on in the field
  • What sort of skills does the field require - the resource should actually make the learner experience the world through the eyes of the professional
  • What sort of difficulties the field entails - selection ratio, subpar livelihood, long working hours

We are on the lookout for resources including but not limited to entrepreneurship, history, biology, law, performing arts.

Note that, in most cases, whatever you learn in school would form the base of your higher studies. So, if you aren't good at school you may have trouble doing good in college and grad schools.