Unfortunately, unless you are rich or powerful, yes, courts do take a long time to settle disputes, often months and years.

Now, before you give up on life and settle into despair, remind yourself that you are the next generation. And that you ought to possess the determination to fix the problems previous generations have faced. (And in fact, take this as your own wish and not as some obligation; it will be easier to do if you do it your own will and not out of someone else' will.)

Coming to the specifics, one of the reasons this is so because the judiciary is overworked. In 2009, Supreme Court itself had 50,000 pending cases. The Trial courts had over a 30,000,000 pending cases. At the current rate, it can take 35 years just to clear the backlog itself. India has about 17 judges per million population. Developed countries have over 50 judges per million. That is one factor causing such backlogs.

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