In India,


Suppose the Lok Sabha elections have ended now. The Rajya Sabha, and the Legislative Assemblies of various states and the President are already in their position.

The members of the Lok Sabha would have been elected by all the adults of the country.

The President appoints the leader of the ruling party (the party that has a majority in the Lok Sabha) as the Prime Minister. Under the recommendations of the Prime Minister, the President selects some members of the Parliament for forming the Union Council of Ministers.


Once the term of [some members of] Rajya Sabha ends, members of the Legislative Assemblies elect members to the new Rajya Sabha. Some members are appointed to the Rajya Sabha by the President.

When the term of the President ends, the members of the Parliament (which consists of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) along with the State Assemblies elect the new President.


The terms of the various positions differ. This can be found using the internet.

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