NOTE: The questions for self-study are expected to be answered by using the internet, by speaking with the people around you, or by experimenting yourself. The Vocabulary section under english is expected to be studies with the help of a dictionary.

Social Science

  1. What is NDA?
  2. What is an Election?
  3. What is BJP?
  4. What 'seats' have been talked about on the Home Page?
  5. What is Lok Sabha?
  6. What is a 'political party'?
  7. What is 'left', 'centre' and 'right' in reference to politics?
  8. What is the Indian National Congress?
  9. What is the Parliament?
  10. What is a State Assembly?
  11. What is the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh?
  12. What is the General Elections?
  13. What is Universal Suffrage?
  14. What is a Constituency?
  15. What are Central and State governments in India?
  16. How do Political Parties form the government?
  17. What is the difference between the Parliament and the Goevernment?
  18. What is the differnce between Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha?
  19. What is the Vidhan Parishad?
  20. What is the Sangh Parivar?
  21. Who is a missionary?
  22. What is Hindutva?
  23. What are by-elections?
  24. What are Local Elections?
  25. What are Human Rights?
  26. What is a Gram Panchayat?
  27. What is a Municipal Council?
  28. What is a Municipal Corporation?
  29. What is the Rajya Sabha?
  30. What does the Parliament do?
  31. What is Constitution?
  32. What are Local Government Bodies?
  33. What is the Supreme Court of India?
  34. What is Atheism?
  35. What is Monotheism?
  36. What is the United Nations?
  37. What is the Panchayati Raj system?
  38. What is the BharatNet initiative?
  39. How can I, a common citizen, participate in the process of making a law?
  40. What is a tax?
  41. What are the various courts in India?
  42. What is Judicial Independence? Why is it necessary?
  43. What is the Problem of Evil?
  44. What is the Argument from Inconsistent Revelations?
  45. What is the Argument from Non belief?
  46. How is the tax money utilized?
  47. How do I calculate how much tax do I have to pay?
  48. What is Economy?
  49. Is growing economy a good thing?
  50. When and how do I approach Civil, Criminal and Family Courts?
  51. I have heard that the courts take a long time to resolve a dispute. How true is that?
  52. What are Tribunals?
  53. What is Block Samiti?
  54. What is Zilla Parishad?
  55. What is a Khap Panchayat?
  56. What are committees, in the context of the government?
  57. What is Separation of Powers?
  58. What is the difference between the GDP and Economy of a country?
  59. Questions for Self-Study:

  60. What is the relation between 'public office' and 'public officers'?
  61. What is Politics?
  62. What is the Digital India initiative?
  63. What are some websites for online [informal] petitions?
  64. Why is the Maximum Retail Price called so? (Hint: search on Quora.)
  65. What are writ petitions?
  66. What is the difference between Developed and Developing Countries?
  67. What should I know if a criminal case is filed against me?


    Questions for Self-Study:

  1. What is the difference between a college and a university?



  • abbreviation
  • alliance
  • bicameral
  • browse
  • coalition
  • colloquial
  • constituency
  • document
  • electorate
  • fascism
  • hegemony
  • hyperlink
  • incumbent
  • legislative
  • legislature
  • multimedia
  • omni-
  • paramilitary
  • politics
  • proselytize
  • public office(r)
  • synecdoche
  • term
  • theodicy

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