This is still more of work in progress. Currently it's more about some good shows that we think are must watch for the target age group.

Digimon Adventures

Age group: 8-14 years

Why do we think you should watch this show? Well, parents like it! Take your daily/weekly dose of entertainment, watching something good. I'd likely bore you by listing out the details here; so head over here.

If you like Adventures, you may also want to try its sequels - 02, and Tri. The latter most is for ages 13+.


Age group: 13+ years

About the first 150 episodes are good to great. A few episodes contain some vulgar images, but that is mostly intended in a funny way.

Assuming you have completed ICT, you should be able to find out reviews for the above two. Find them!

Thus, that constitutes some 300 × 20 min of value-added entertainment. Of course, there can be more productive things to do. But if you want to watch some cartoons/anime, don't miss out on those two - that's our recommendation.

PS: It is highly recommended that interested viewers watch the subbed versions than the dubbed. Unfortunately, it can be difficult or impossible to obtain those shows (or the novels below) legally.


Research has shown that reading literary fiction cultivates empathy. The classic series Harry Potter, too, can help!

Social Skills

Well, we don't understand the aspects completely. But besides reading books and watching good shows, a more productive method to develop your social skills would be to spend a few days from technology, with people alone, perhaps, in a camp!

It is true that empathy is a subset of social skills. Being social (read extrovert) imply having good social skills. (Feel free to google what introversion and extroversion mean.)