Let us use the internet to answer this question. Open a new browser window, and follow the instructions here. It may be helpful to first read all the instructions.

First we need to decide what words to search for. What do you think? Should we just search the whole question?

Well, you may want to know that often times, 'Wh-' words are ignored by the search engine. In addition most common words like 'a', 'the' etc are also ignored.

What this means is that you need not type the words 'What is a' and only type in 'telecommunication network'. Shouldn't you capitalise the first letter of the words?

Again, it doesn't matter. Most search engines are case insensitive. So, once you get the search results, read ahead.

Usually, the first result is the required one. In our case, it "should be" either Britannica or Wikipedia. Go ahead and open them, in a new tab or new window.

What was so special about this? Nothing. The topic was simple enough to not cause any confusion, about which result is "trust-worthy".

However, note that search engines return what you are searching for. Obvious enough? Try searching 'proof that the earth is round'. Read ahead after you perform the search.

So, what do you think? Is the earth round or flat?

It is in these times you should be aware of things like 'pseudoscientific', 'information literacy' and different types of 'thinking'. You may want to learn about these using the follow-up question.

Let's return to the topic of 'Telecommunication Network'. At your level of knowledge, you should only read the introductory paragraphs, unless you are really interested. Now, several questions should pop-up in your mind. Note these questions in your notebook. Answer them using the internet. Once they are answered, return to the page on Telecommunication Network, and check if you understand better. For example, see questions 11 to 15 in the 'Would you like to know' section

But before searching further, try to know the answers to the other questions in the 'Would you like to know' section.

Got any questions?